Pyramids on the Street – The name implies mystical secrets in an urban city life, the contrast between the known and the unknown.

In 2012 Marcel Biller created a musical project in Barcelona, that tries to reflect these elements. Electric sounds, mixed with elements from pop music and introspective lyrics – the ambition of the artist. With the influences of his times in rock, punk rock and indie bands in Berlin (Countermove, Chili con Chuny, Du Hund, Unik, WKR), he created a mixture that is catchy, dedicated to current music trends but at the same time experimental, playing with known elements to transform them to a new style that will lead his audience to an unknown future. He understands music as a form of entertainment but at the same time as a releasing psychological explosion that transmits reality and merges it with deeper introspective and fantasies of the subconscious.

In the years 2015-16 the great Italian singer Eleonora joined the collective and together they played well known venues in Barcelona, fusing her voice with the music created by Marcel. Besides numerous concerts on private Barcelonian parties, in which Marcel often djs in addition to the concert, POTS have played in several popular local clubs and art places in Barcelona like the Mutuo, the Dr. Dou Smokers Club, Niu Art Space Barcelona and the groundbreaking festival for electronic music Arte Nou as well as on local private terrace parties (in collaboration with Mr. Jaegger) in front of the beautiful Barcelonian scenery.

Their concerts and an appearance on a local radio show have already become legendary, they played on a competition for the Primavera Festival in the famous Apolo Club during which they obtained the vote of the majority of the audience. In November they played a legendary gig with Alan Himar, in Barcelona based Saxophonist and electronic music producer from the Canary islands, in the Alfa Club. Besides producing new music for the band, Marcel also published a solo album dedicated to the African side of tropical electronic music – “Rise Kingdom“.

2016 was full of local underground concerts and DJ sets in Berlin (Backyard, Kreuzberg Berlin), Brussels (Dynamo) and Barcelona as well as appearances in the legendary ForSale Bar, Taco Electronico, Guindilla Electronico, Massa Critica European gathering in Barcelona in the Hangar Club, the Vermut Solidario in the Fabrica Damm, DoubleTrouble DJ Set with KAB in the Boo Barcelona Beach Club and private terrace connoisseur parties. POTS was also the Soundtrack to several fashion shooting make offs (Magazine DigitalCódigo ÚnicoMG Magazine 2 times).In 2016 they lined up with Kabelstapler, aka. KAB, a talented local producer from Germany living in Barcelona, to create a new project that is about to bring electronic influenced alternative tropical music to a new level, combining their voices, melodics and guitar with the expertise and live beat producing skills of KAB.

When Eleonora left in summer 2016, Marcel found a new talented local singer, Silvia, to start a new era of the Pyramids collective. 2017 saw highlight sets in the Utopia 126 OneOcean Barcelona, the Frankie Gallo Cha Cha Cha and the Alfa Club as well as Boehmisches Dorf in Berlin.

You can find our new 2018 EPs on Spotify

Solo EP “The truth about your Sunday

Joint EP “This aint a test